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LiftTruckPros.com helps businesses find new and used lift trucks in less time and at the best prices around. For warehouse owners who need to buy a new lift truck every year or the small shop owner who just needs a lift truck rental for a short term influx of inventory, Lift Truck Pros is here to help. Comparing and finding the right forklift truck for your particular use can be a challenge and that is why we help each and every customer through the process from start to finish. You might own a 5,000 lb forklift truck that works fine 95% of the time, but every other month you have to move large containers and need a heavy duty lift truck of 15,000 lb or more and renting is your only option. That is why our experts offer both sale and rentals for all brands and sizes of lift trucks at all locations.

Forklift Trucks For Every Construction & Warehouse Application

Thousands of customers every year rely on Lift Truck Pros for their indoor and outdoor forklift truck needs to solve their material handling problems. We take every new customer as a challenge, we help solve their puzzle of what new or used lift truck will best fit within their variety of obstacles including climate, heaviest lifting load needed, hours per month of use and more. Best of all, we help you find the best forklift truck prices within your delivery area in just minutes. Our price matching engine takes pulls in data from a 30 to 50 mile radius to match you with the lift truck for sale that will work and with reasonable delivery charges. Finally, our customer service team is always working to make sure that people who rent or buy at LiftTruckPros.com become loyal customers as we know that is the only way to grow our business. So get started today to see how we can help.

Lift Truck Types

With indoor, outdoor, port, rough terrain environments and more to deal with lift trucks come in many varieties to match your needs. Check out the types of lift tucks below:

Electric Lift Trucks - Perfect for warehouses and other environments where noise and pollution must be kept to an absolute minimum, electric forklift trucks to the job. Many warehouses are also fitted for other electric material handling equipment so they are the obvious choice for most warehouse owners. They are also considered the most environmentally friendly option.

Narrow Aisle Lift Trucks - Electric forklift trucks can actually be considered a subset of electric, as they are specially designed to be used inside of warehouses where turning radius and workspace is limited. The come with multiple custom options including high reach, side loading and more to work in any type of aisle configuration.

Rough Terrain Forklift Trucks - Mostly used on construction sites but capable of working anywhere, rough terrain forklift trucks have large pneumatic tires and chassis built for uneven surfaces and large loads.

Heavy Duty (Large Capacity) Lift Trucks - For lifting requirements of 15,000 lbs. to 100,000 lbs. and even higher, large capacity lift trucks are the only option. If your operation relies on 20 and 40 foot containers to move goods then you likely rely on a heavy duty lift truck custom fitted to work as a container handler. This is the most visible application but they find work in countless environments from building and construction to forestry and agricultural.

Lift Truck Pros FAQ

Our goal at Lift Truck Pros is to help everyone from those experienced in material handling to those who do not even know how anything about lift trucks. We want to guide you through the process wherever your starting point may be, and these frequently asked questions may help:

What Purchase Options Do I have?

The standard lift truck purchase options are cash purchase, short & medium term rentals, long term lease (over 3 months) and in many cases and depending on your credit rent-to-own is available.

Do I Need Special Equipment To Recharge An Electric Lift Truck?

If you only have one small electric lift truck that is used sparingly then you will be just fine with standard plugs. For the warehouse with multiple electric lifts, battery changing and charging stations are required. Keep in mind that this can be a great investment as this station can be used to very quickly recharge additional warehouse machinery.

Do My Employees Need To Be Certified To Operate A Lift Truck?

Your employees will need to be trained according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines. It is extremely important to have anyone who may use the lift truck to fully understand the proper procedures as the safety of the driver and fellow co-workers is at stake, not to mention the cost of equipment and materials at risk. When in doubt, always check for the latest OSHA information here.

How Much Does A Lift Truck Cost?

For used, you can pay as little as $3,000 for a small 3,000 lbs. lift truck and up to $15,000 for a new one. Medium sized lift trucks (6,000 lbs. to 10,000 lbs.) run about $12,000 for used and up to $40,000 for new. Large capacity have a huge pricing range based on customizations and actual size, but the very largest can cost over $200,000. With all lift trucks you can expect at least a 50% discount for used vs. new.

What If I End Up Needing A Larger Forklift Truck?

It is possible to do a trade-in, particularly if you have purchased within the last couple of months. However you will always lose some money on the deal, as well as time invested on your part. That is part of the learning curve but again, that is why LiftTruckPros.com was created to help people avoid this type of situation. When in doubt, we always recommend that you opt for the larger lift truck as long as it does not impede your work flow or force you to adjust your work environment. Be sure that you know your maximum lift load required, and check with your workers to see if their are certain larger lifting jobs that you may not even be aware of.